Laser teeth Whitening in Hamilton

Dr. Agnieszka Jarecka can bleach away ugly yellow stains from red wine, tobacco and coffee

When you take a look at your smile, is it as white as it used to be? Or have you teeth begun to darken and yellow over the years? Teeth whitening allows you to remove or reduce stains on your teeth. It can make you look younger, and give you a fresher, more attractive appearance.

Dr. Agnieszka Jarecka is proud to offer professional laser teeth whitening at Smile Dental Practice in Hamilton. Our dental team can use this popular technology to help give you the smile of your dreams.

Our teeth develop stains because the enamel becomes more porous as we age, and gradually becomes darker. Acidic foods and drinks — such as diet soda — make the enamel even more porous, and leave it vulnerable to stains. Tobacco, red wine, coffee and tea are the most likely to leave those ugly yellow stains on our teeth.

We’re proud to use one of the most advanced and effective whitening methods on the market – laser teeth whitening. The powerful argon laser can remove stain molecules below the surface of the tooth – often within a single session. The results from Dr. Agnieszka Jarecka’s laser teeth whitening are simply outstanding!

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FAQs — Click question to reveal answer

Q: Can I get my teeth really white just by using a whitening toothpaste?
A: The enamel on our teeth darkens with age, and even the most skilled brushing and flossing — and fancy toothpastes or home remedies like baking soda — cannot prevent that from happening entirely. You can do your part to keep your teeth bright by brushing and flossing daily, not using tobacco, and limiting your intake of staining foods and drinks (like red wine, coffee, and tea).
Q: If I want my teeth to be whiter, should I stop drinking red wine?
A: Red wine, coffee and tea are notorious for causing ugly yellow stains on your teeth. Diet soda is also a problem, because its acidity breaks down your tooth's enamel — leaving it prone to stains. You don't need to avoid these beverages entirely — just be mindful of what they might do to your smile, and try to limit your intake.
Q: Does my dental insurance cover teeth whitening?
A: Teeth whitening is typically an “extra” that is not covered by insurance, but everyone has different coverage. We would be happy to help you understand your available coverage, so please ask us at your next appointment.